Nintendo Labo Shows How We’re Already Living In The Future

Nintendo has already released a wave of products to tap into our nostalgia, and now they’re releasing Nintendo Labo to make us think we’re already living in the future. Nintendo Labo is a line of customizable cardboard kits that combine with a Nintendo Switch (sold separately) to make “Toy-Con” creations like a mini piano or a robot exoskeleton (well, that escalated quickly).

Nintendo is bundling the cardboard templates in two separate kits, along with an optional third kit of craft supplies (stencils, stickers, and washi tape) to customize the toys. In addition to the overview video above, they also released an in-depth video about the first kit, which includes a remote-controlled car (running on vibration), a fishing rod game, a customizable motorbike racing game, a house (with a cute digital inhabitant to mess with), and a mini piano.

They also gave a closer look at that cardboard robot exoskeleton of sorts, which allows a player to punch buildings for points. Where was this thing when I was obsessed with the game Rampage?

Nintendo’s Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit, Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit, and customization craft supplies kit are priced at $70, $80, and $10, respectively. They all hit shelves (and punch imaginary buildings) on April 20th.

(Via Coming Soon and Nintendo Labo)