Nintendo Will Reportedly Release Two New Switch Consoles Later This Year

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Nintendo’s Switch is a gaming device that mixed the handheld and console markets together, and it seems that the device is finally getting some new models from Nintendo.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Nintendo is working on a pair of new Switch consoles, and though details are scarce about exactly what those models will be it seems the company is focusing on two different aspects of its current gaming experience with the new models: mobility and performance.

The Wall Street Journal said the consoles could be released as early as this summer, which would be a big refresh of what’s become a major player in the console wars. The Switch is far from just a Zelda machine these days, with the massively popular Smash Bros. Ultimate and a Pokemon title coming to the console later in the year.

A push toward portability for the Switch likely means a smaller and lighter model, as well as a longer battery life. Typically, the current model lasts about anywhere from two to six hours depending on the game played on it. That’s not exactly set up for marathon mobile sessions, and any of Nintendo’s true handheld consoles have better battery lives.

The second model is supposed to be an improvement on the overall performance of the Switch, possibly a better processor that offers a variety of improvements. As The Verge noted, the current Switch’s Nvidia processor is four years old, so a new chip would be a substantial upgrade on the models currently on the market.

The announcement is likely to be made at the E3 in June, so we’ll know more details about the potential pair of consoles in the coming months.