The Galaxy-Spanning ‘No Man’s Sky’ Has A Release Date And Spiffy-Looking Special Edition

No Man’s Sky, the space exploration game that takes place in a procedurally generated galaxy made up of more than 18 quintillion unique planets finally has a release date. When No Man’s Sky was first announced, it seemed too mind-blowing to be real – a lot of folks assumed it was a just lofty proof of concept or tech demo, but no, it’s a real thing, with actual game mechanics and everything, and it’s coming soon. No Man’s Sky arrives June 12. You can check out a new trailer above.

The game will be available for PC and PS4, with the PS4 version getting the full boxed retail treatment. In addition to the $60 standard version, there will also be a fancy limited edition for the PS4. The No Man’s Sky Limited Edition will include a 48-page art book, a comic featuring art by Dave Gibbons, something called a “Starter Kit” (Does this hint at DLC/microtransactions for the game?) and a PS4 theme.

I’m usually not into special editions, but that one is very pretty. What do you folks think? Excited to finally get your hands on No Man’s Sky, or are you just not buying into the sky-high hype?

(Via Polygon)