Pedro Martinez Shared His Incredible Trash Talk-Filled Commercial For ‘World Series Baseball 2K1’

World Series Baseball 2K1 was the batted balls edition of an onslaught of 2K-branded games that started on the Sega Dreamcast. Thought not particularly well-liked or remembered, it did have an extremely fun commercial that its star shared on Twitter.

Pedro Martinez, the Hall of Fame pitcher who played most of his career with the Boston Red Sox, has become a mainstay on TBS broadcasts now that his playing days are over. And as it turns out, some of that charisma on the mic was evident during his playing days, as a digital version of the flamethrower was used to sell Dreamcast copies of the baseball simulator back in 2000.

Martinez shared the clip on Twitter, calling the commercial for the game in which he appeared on the cover a “serious throwback.”

The graphics from the Sega Dreamcast have not aged well at the end of the century’s second decade, but it certainly adds to the charm here. Martinez is voicing his character, a pixelated version of the then-Boston Red Sox pitcher talking about how he’s going to dominate you on the mound.

The spot actually takes place during batting practice at digital Fenway Park and is framed as a charity commercial for Pedro’s Kids. Or, as Martinez calls them, “special people who need help.” In other words, these are kids that Martinez is going to strike out in World Series Baseball 2K1.

“I’ve got more pitches than a used car dealer,” a blurry Martinez said, gesturing as fluidly as 2000 video game technology would allow. The images of actual kids next to a digital Martinez is super funny, and you can’t help but imagine what the recording session for this was like with Pedro in the booth.

The commercial is a delightful throwback to the year 2000, though World Series Baseball 2K1 is not as fondly remembered as this spot may be. What’s funny is the biggest point of praise for the game was, of course, the graphics.