Peter Dinklage Is Getting Denied By ‘Destiny’

In the wake of his work on Destiny and, well, the entirely of his role in Pixels, you might be forgiven for thinking Peter Dinklage has no luck with video games. And you’d be right, because they’re now replacing him entirely in Destiny, as well!

As part of a long litany of changes to the game, including implementing a few progression systems that really should have been there in the first place, Nolan North is taking over as the voice of your adorable little robot sidekick. Furthermore, he’s rerecording all Dinklage’s lines from the game, so if you love your Dinklebot, either don’t install the patch or start putting together YouTube playlists now:

Dinklage came in for a roasting when the game first debuted, and, to be honest, it wasn’t without reason. While he’s been more interested in discussing Game of Thrones than what appears to be a tough gig with Bungie, we have heard here and there that the game’s script went through some heavy changes. It’s doubtful the script Dinklage read was the script he wound up recording; ultimately he wound up serving as a GPS.

Needless to say, this is a wee bit unprecedented as games go; it’s rare a developer tries to retcon out an entire actor, especially almost a year after the game’s out. We just hope North pulls out his Drake voice for a few lines.

(via the Verge)