‘Pokemon Go’ Will Be Playable On Apple Watch By The End Of The Year

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The Apple/Nintendo love-in continues! Just minutes ago, Nintendo and Apple announced Super Mario Run exclusively (for the time being) for iOS, and now they’ve announced a companion app for the ultra-popular Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch. Finally, a reason to dust that expensive little trinket off!

The folks behind Pokemon Go started with a little boasting – the app has already been downloaded over half-a-billion times worldwide – but then they got down to the meat. The Pokemon Go Apple Watch extension will display the Pokemon Go map and nearby Pokemon, alert you when a new critter shows up with a little haptic tap, and keep track of how far you have to walk to hatch eggs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do everything – you’ll still need your phone to actually catch Pokemon.

This is definitely an interesting move by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo, as many of the features of this Apple Watch extension were supposed to be fulfilled by Pokemon Go Plus, a wearable device that alerts you to nearby Pokemon and PokeStops. Pokemon Go Plus was delayed back in July, and if Nintendo still releases it, it will probably be strictly marketed to children, with the Apple Watch extension being marketed as the “adult” Pokemon Go accessory.

What does this mean for Pokemon Go Plus?

The Pokemon Go Apple Watch extension will arrive before the end of the year.