Pikachu Is An Adorable, Deadly Luchador In The Upcoming Pokémon Fighter ‘Pokkén Tournament’

Still not convinced that Pokkén Tournament, Nintendo and Namco’s mashup of Pokémon and Tekken, isn’t one of the best game ideas ever? Well, you may change your mind after you get a load of Masked Pikachu, also known as a Pikachu in a full-on lucha libre mask and singlet. I’m pretty sure all those hours I spent absentmindedly playing through Pokémon Silver while watching WWE Raw is somehow the cause of this.

You can check out Masked Pikachu in action at the top of this post. The little electric rat has some moves, throwing quality dropkicks with abandon and even nailing Charizard with a stunner. I repeat, Pokkén Tournament is a game where a lucha libre version of Pikachu can put away a Charizard with a Stone Cold Stunner. Oh, and notice that heart shape on the end of Pickahu’s tail? That means Masked Pikachu is a lady. Pokkén Tournament isn’t just awesome, it’s progressive. Intergender Pokémon pro wrestling is the future, dammit.

As of now, Pokkén Tournament is exclusive to Japanese arcades, but Nintendo has announced that the game will be coming to the Wii U in North America sometime in early 2016. Here’s another surprisingly badass trailer for the game…

via Kotaku