‘Rocket League’ Becomes Real With Its Official Remote Control Cars


Rocket League is a simple concept: It’s soccer, but you play it with indestructible rocket cars that can do backflips on command. As a result, it’s insanely popular, with everybody from WWE to Rick and Morty getting on board. And, now, finally, Rocket League will become reality. At least in radio-controlled, non-rocket form.

Hot Wheels, which has previously guest-starred on Rocket League, is making an RC car set available this fall, according to the Verge. The $180 set will include two cars you control via Bluetooth, a ball that tracks the score for you, a full arena, but sadly no rockets or concussive knockback every time you score a goal. But, hey, it’s still real life Rocket League, and we’ll take what we can get since the major automakers keep ignoring the letters and detailed diagrams we send them.

On the more serious side, the set will come with codes for DLC in the game, although whether that’s just new vehicles and skins, or something more involved, has yet to be announced. But while this won’t be quite as dramatic as the game, it’ll still be fun to see it played in the real world. And, who knows, perhaps there will come a time, with AI and manufacturing, where we slowly scale this up. Besides, who wouldn’t want to give their kid a Power Wheel that can backflip?

(via The Verge)