See, This Is Why Gaming Can’t Have Nice Things

Senior Contributor

The Tokyo Game Show, currently unfolding as we speak, is not really noted for subtlety or class. It’s a trade show, which are already surreal experiences. It’s about video games, which can have some embarrassingly immature moments as an industry. And it’s packed full of Japanese supernerds, who have all the problems with normal supernerds have, except they’re really, really weird even by supernerd standards. Keep in mind there’s at least one attendee in this show who has a deep emotional relationship with a pillow that has an anime character on it.

Anyhoo, Kotaku’s on-site reporter posted what has to be the most hilarious and least subtle cry of attention by anybody at the show: straight up pole dancing. Is there hair metal? Oh my, yes. Corsets? Of course. Axl Rose? No, but we’re sure he’s in TGS somewhere.

So, yeah, if you were wondering why Fox News is insisting all video games are obscene sexfests, keep in mind it’s not entirely because they can’t be bothered to play the game. Go to Kotaku to see the pole dancing video from the show — however, this will always be the best Japanese pole dancing video of all-time…

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