‘Shadow Of The Tomb Raider’ Gives Lara Croft Her ‘Apocalypse Now’ Moment

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Square Enix

On Thursday, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics unveiled the first gameplay for Shadow of the Tomb Raider at three locations, with about an hour of the upcoming game available for media to get their hands on and play through. This will mark the final chapter of a prequel trilogy that was started with 2013’s Tomb Raider.

The latest installment of the formidable and iconic video game franchise bows in the same year as a reboot of the film franchise based on the game. While the film opened to less-than-stellar reviews, the early demo of the game appears to be in line with the first two installments of the trilogy, which were both fondly received by fans and critics alike.

The overall arc of this trilogy, which culminates in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, is following Lara Croft as she develops from unskilled skeptic to Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. As such, the new game has a distinct focus on combat, survival, the cunning of the lead character, and yes, tomb raiding.

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