New Footage And Screenshots Of ‘Shenmue III’ Show Off Some Real Progress

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02.29.16 2 Comments

With a release date of December 2017, Shenmue III is about halfway through its development. That means gamers are finally starting to reap the fruits of their Kickstarting labors, and seeing some substantial, drool-worthy progress on the game. This is real now; Shenmue III is no longer just a dream game coming back to gamers after 15+ years in development hell. It feels so good.

At the Magic Monaco anime and game conference, Yu Suzuki was in attendance and showed off a plethora of new details on Shenmue III. Some revealing the plot in some ways, others just showing off the gorgeous tech behind the game.

Ryo’s face won’t change, so time likely barely passed at all between 2 and 3:

Here’s a pretty new fishing spot that I can see myself spending a ton of time in:

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