‘South Park: The Fractured But Whole’ Goes Over The Top In 20 Minutes Of Gameplay

Nobody expects South Park to be restrained, at this point, at least not after the tragic fate of Scott Tenorman’s parents. But the video game medium allows the team to get a little more over-the-top than it usually does on basic cable, as the nearly twenty minutes of gameplay above shows you.

Fair warning, this clip is seriously not work-safe around the moment the player goes into Cartman’s room and sees just what Cartman imagines in what appears to be his dream journal. You also get a sense of how the game works, as it tweaks the turn-based combat from South Park: The Stick of Truth to be a bit more fluid and speedy.

And, needless to say, the game’s packed with in-jokes for fans. If you look closely in Cartman’s closet, for example, you’ll see he’s hung onto that Beefcake crop top from all the way back in the second episode of the series, and there are other little sight gags from the show’s history you’ll find all throughout. Also making a welcome return is the mechanic where you get social media updates from various South Park residents. You’ll be able to see just how Coonstagram lines up against Facebook this December.

(via VG 24/7)