Check Out The Bizarre F.A.N.G., The Final Launch Character For ‘Street Fighter V’

Recently at the PlayStation Experience event, Capcom revealed the last of Street Fighter V‘s 16 launch characters, and this dude’s a weird one. F.A.N.G. has a lanky body type that sets him apart from the burly and/or voluptuous fighters that make up the rest of the roster, sports a strange floppy-armed outfit, skips and sashays around the battlefield and has a, let’s say, unique, personality. Oh, and no, we don’t know what the hell F.A.N.G. stands for yet, but I’m sure fans are having fun speculating for themselves.

Ah, but don’t make the mistake of thinking F.A.N.G. is purely a joke character. His fighting style may be strange, but it looks pretty effective, and the guy claims to be Shadaloo’s second-in-command, behind only M. Bison. He also has the ability to poison opponents, a new kind of attack no Street Fighter has had before. So yeah, if you can put up with his tomfoolery, it looks like F.A.N.G. will be a character worth mastering.

Capcom has also revealed that fan-favorites Guile, Balrog, Alex, Ibuki, Juri and Urien will be the first six DLC characters released after Street Fighter V launches. Capcom will release a new DLC character every two months, and you can potentially unlock them all for free. Street Fighter V launches February 16, 2016.

(via Kotaku)