Zangief Will Once Again Battle For The Glory Of Mother Russia In ‘Street Fighter V’

Well, folks, Street Fighter V has just gone from “pretty boss-looking” to “must-have.” If you’ve been following our Street Fighter V coverage, you’ll know I often end posts about the game with something along the lines of “That seems like a cool character, but when are they going to reveal Zangief?” Welp, they’ve revealed Zangief.

The new Zangief appears to be more jacked than ever, and he’s been working on some new moves and abilities, too. At one point during the trailer, the dude headbutts a projectile out of the air, and he seems like he can briefly transform into a powered-up, red-skinned version of himself, as well. Oh, and he has a new spinning clothesline, because his spinning powerbomb wasn’t enough, apparently. You can check out all of Zangief’s new bone-pulverizing moves above.

Capcom has said Street Fighter V will initially ship with 16 fighters, so that means there’s only three characters left to reveal. For the record, the fighters already announced are Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Birdie, M.Bison, Charlie Nash, Karin, Rainbow Mika, Vega, Zangief and new characters Rashid and Necalli. Two of the remaining three characters will be all-new, so who do you think the final classic Street Fighter V character will be?