Cloud From ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Will Soon Be Swinging His Buster Sword In ‘Super Smash Bros.’

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS just keeps defying expectations. Most people didn’t imagine we’d ever see the Duck Hunt Dog return as a fighter, but then it happened. For years Street Fighter and Smash Bros. crossing over seemed like an impossible dream, but then, lo and behold, Ryu showed up to hurl hadokens at Mario and Luigi.

Well, you’d better brace yourself for the most surprising Super Smash Bros. character reveal yet! Nintendo has just announced that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will soon be doling out smash attacks with his Buster Sword. And that’s not all the Final Fantasy VII content coming to Super Smash Bros. — there will also be a new stage based on the Midgar area from Final Fantasy VII, appearances by Summons, and Chocobo costumes for your Mii to wear. Cloud also comes with a variety of costumes that reflect his changes throughout the years.

No word yet on when the Final Fantasy VII DLC will arrive for Super Smash Bros., but Nintendo did announce a new Smash Bros. “special broadcast” coming in December. Could the Final Fantasy VII DLC arrive as a Christmas present around that time?