Almost All Of Gaming Twitter Is Freaking Out Over One Game From E3 2017: ‘The Last Night’

Entertainment Editor

If Blade Runner was made by two brothers channeling Studio Ghibli, we’d have The Last Night, which finally, after years of teases, has been confirmed for the Xbox One X launch on November 7th. Normally, an indie title that’s surrounded by a healthy amount of buzz isn’t something to raise too many eyebrows at the blockbuster-heavy E3 conferences, but The Last Night has dominated social media, getting almost more Twitter mentions than Microsoft and Xbox combined.

The game was originally made in six days during the CyberPunkJam contest by two brothers who went on to create Odd Tales games, and it channels the classic LucasArts adventures of old, mixed with 3D and beautiful 4K visuals. The amount of hype this game is seeing all over E3 social media is only challenged by the monolithic Minecraft, everyone wants to get their hands on it.

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