The Nintendo World Championships Will Be Returning At This Year’s E3

No video game company is as good at making gamers wistful as Nintendo, and they’ve hit another nostalgia home run by announcing the Nintendo World Championships will be returning at this year’s E3. You can check out a funny little video hyping up their return above.

The original Nintendo World Championships happened way back in 1990. The competition traveled to 29 different cities, allowing kids to compete in brief gaming challenges for a chance to become their town’s local Nintendo Champion. While it was just a short-lived promotional stunt, the Nintendo World Championships still live in infamy, largely because the special cartridges used for the competitions are now worth over $25,000 to game collectors.

Here’s how the new Nintendo Worth Championships will work…

“On May 30, select Best Buy locations in major cities around the country will host qualifying tournaments for the Nintendo World Championships, which were last seen in 1990. The winners from each regional event, plus competitors invited by Nintendo, will meet on June 14, at the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles for a multi-round Nintendo game competition. In the end, one player will be crowned the 2015 Nintendo World Champion.”

In addition to the return of the NWCs, Nintendo will once again be broadcasting a pre-taped Digital Event in place of a live E3 press conference, followed by a couple days of live-streaming. Gamers will also be able to check out the upcoming Mario Maker at their local Best Buy.

As for what Nintendo will actually be unveiling at E3, well, there were a lot of Punch-Out!! references in the video we just showed you, weren’t there? Rumors have been swirling that a new entry in the boxing series will be announced this year, and Nintendo has definitely added a bit of fuel to that particular fire.

via Kotaku