The Xbox One Is Better At Being An Xbox 360 Than The Xbox 360 Is

When we reported that the Xbox One was becoming backwards compatible, one thing I didn’t bring up was a slight concern about the games actually working. Backwards compatibility has been something of a crapshoot in the past, but, now that people are getting their hands on the tools, it turns out the Xbox One is actually better at being an Xbox 360 than the original console.

If you watch the side-by-side comparison found by Kotaku and made by YouTuber Mecha-Potato-Alex, as it goes along, the differences start small but soon begin adding up. The animation is just a little bit smoother and loads just a little bit faster. The lighting effects are just a little bit better. By the end of the video, it’s pretty clear what’s going to be the better playing experience. Backwards compatibility is in preview right now for Xbox Preview members, and will be rolling out later this year for everyone.

(Via Kotaku)