Ubisoft Hopes To Introduce Their Throat-Slashing ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Brand To Kids With A New Toy Line

Ubisoft recently teamed up with shameless Lego-imitators Mega Bloks for line-up of Assassin’s Creed building sets which is a pretty odd combination, but one the world seemed happy to ignore. I mean, come on, who really cares what Mega Bloks does, right?

Well, unfortunately Ubisoft brand manager Yannick Spagna brought attention the new AC toys in the clumsiest manner possible at a recent conference. Spagna had this to say when asked about Ubisoft’s licensing game…

“For big IPs, smart brands are the best partners. Assassin’s Creed does a line with Mega Bloks. On their side, it’s nice because toys are looking for the hype around video games. And we are looking for a new audience: kids, children, it’s more like that.”

Wait, what was that? Did Ubisoft just say they’re hoping to make children the new audience for their gore ‘n’ whores-filled series? Yup, and Ubisoft doesn’t see what the problem is with that.

“This quote is not about Assassin’s Creed the game. It’s about Assassin’s Creed the brand. It’s the same way you have The Lord of the Rings brand, the books, Shadow of Mordor, the LEGO. If you think about it, we could even do an Assassin’s Creed game tailored for kids. Imagine a LEGO game. It would mean changing a lot of things. I played hours and hours of LEGO Lord of the Rings, and you kill people but not kill people, because they’re LEGO characters.”

Guys, you’ve got the word Assassin right in your brand’s name. The entire franchise is entirely, 100% about stabbing people in the neck and watching the life drain from their eyes. Your grand plans for Star Wars or Lord of the Rings ubiquity aren’t gonna pan out. I mean, for one, give up on your Lego Assassin’s Creed dreams right now – no way Lego’s touching something once it has that Mega Bloks stank on it.

Via Kotaku