The Fantastic-Looking ‘Unravel’ Stars A Character That’s Literally Made Of Love

Recently, we introduced you to Unravel, the adorable and gorgeous platformer in which you play as a little woolen man named Yarny. Yes, Yarny. D’awww. The game looks like a good amount of fun, but trailers have also hinted at an emotional, melancholy storyline, and the the latest Unravel developer diary goes into a little more depth about that side of the game.

According to the developer of Unravel, the yarn your character is made up of represents love, and it’s Yarny’s job to join people and things that should be together with his stringy love. It’s not entirely clear how this will work as a game mechanic, but it looks like Yarny will pass by ghostly visions of emotionally charged moments and pick up various important mementos. Yeah, it’s all just a little bit pretentious, but it seems like the makers of Unravel really have their hearts in it, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

You can check out the latest Unravel developer diary above, and a slightly older one, below. Both are packed with beautiful new gameplay footage, so they’re definitely worth a look.

Unravel swings its way onto the PC, Xbox One and PS4 on Feb. 9.