Walmart Might Have Accidentally Announced A Whole Slew Of Blockbuster Games Ahead Of E3


It’s not unusual for retailers to set placeholder dates for announced games on their pre-order sheets or online stores, but locking down previously unannounced titles is definitely odd. Especially for Walmart, that isn’t a specialty shop like Gamestop. And yet, that’s what happened when some eagle-eyed gamers noticed a Walmart Canada page that had some usual suspects as well as some downright delightful surprises such as Gears of War 5, RAGE 2, Borderlands 3, and Splinter Cell to name a few.

In other words, Walmart might’ve just ruined E3. At least a little. The annual gaming expo that unveils a vast majority the newest gaming hardware and software hasn’t outright announced anything, as per usual, but the fact that the Final Fantasy 7 remake and Just Cause 4 is on this list coincides with the unusual announcement that Square-Enix would be holding a massive show at E3.

All of this adds up.

Even the RAGE account tweeted directly at Walmart while not outright denying that a sequel (which no one really asked for) was coming:

So if we see trailers for RAGE, the first Splinter Cell game in years, or the unannounced The Division 2, there will be no surprise, because Walmart made them known a month beforehand for some reason. At least you can pre-order now if you’re in Canada?

(Via IGN)