The Studio Behind ‘Warcraft’ Is Being Sued For Sending Spam Texts Begging People To Watch

Keeping up with the latest Warcraft movie news can be a bit of a roller coaster ride. Critics hate the movie, but it’s a smash hit in China! And a big flop in America. Which didn’t stop it from becoming the most successful video game movie of all time! Unfortunately, that probably didn’t make Duncan Jones feel any better during this cringeworthy interview. See what I mean?

Well, the roller coaster has taken another plunge, as Universal has been hit with a lawsuit for spamming people with promotional Warcraft text messages. Most of the messages read something like this…

“Hello from the Warcraft Movie team. You are one of the chosen few invited to join the fight today. Will you lead the Horde or Alliance to Victory?”

…and included a link to Warcraft‘s Fandango ticket page.

Well, random angry citizen Charlie Fitzgerald III says the messages violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. According to Charlie, he never gave Universal his number, nor consented to have any messages sent to him. Fitzgerald is only asking for $500 from Universal, but he’s also looking into launching a class action lawsuit for anybody who received the Warcraft messages. Depending on how many texts Universal sent out, they could soon have a horde of folks looking for a similar payday.

Let’s be real, this lawsuit is rather frivolous and will probably be swept under the carpet out of court, but it’s just the latest instance of everything surrounding Warcraft being more interesting than the movie itself.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)