Ubisoft Revealed A Gameplay Trailer For ‘Watch Dogs Legion’ And Its Ambitious Character System

Ubisoft’s Forward event on Sunday had plenty of details about the oft-delayed Watch Dogs Legion, including a slick short story about a member of the growing resistance in the title and a video highlighting just how many possibilities are opened up with its NPC system.

Legion is ambitions, pitching itself as the end of NPCs as we know it. And Sunday’s Ubisoft Forward event detailed just how players will recruit members of that resistance and use their abilities to navigate its unique plot. The gameplay overview detailed exactly what’s going on in the futuristic police state of London, where a terrorist attacking the city caused the government to hire “a private military company called Albion” to keep people safe. Problem is, of course, Albion is corrupt, and other baddies loom as well.

To fight back, the player will use every advantage possible to undermine the police state and take back the streets of London. As the game’s developers explained, players will stumble upon a seemingly-endless number of characters on the streets of London, learning their origin story and unique abilities and roles in the process. They’re then part of your team, which you can use to complete missions and advance the larger plot of the game.

The trailer showed off some impressive skills from various characters, but also highlighted the endless possibilities for the many kinds of characters and their stories. The video promised you can recruit the “entire” population of London, and showed off examples of a construction worker fighting with tools, a police officer using stealth to gain information in an area only they can access, and an elderly woman using a taser to take down an enemy. It promised endless opportunities for combat and problem-solving, and the trailer announced a release date of October 29 for Legion, so we’ll see how it all plays out in a few short months.