You Can Now Be Superman In ‘GTA V’ Thanks To A New Mod

GTA V for PC certainly has no shortage of mods these days. While some are flat-out duds, others are truly entertaining, adding depth to an already immersive game. You might remember a recent mod, where someone took GTA V character Trevor Philips and made a video of him performing Jackass-style stunts. In this same mold, another fan created a new playable Trevor mod, that allows gamers to live as a GTA V version of the ‘Man of Steel.’

In the YouTube clip, you can see Trevor in the familiar uniform of Superman, sans cape. It goes without saying that the character is invincible in the game, able to run through bullets and not get wasted. He also has incredible strength, with the ability to punch the crap out of vehicles, sending them flying through the air. While all these powers are indeed great, what would Superman be without flying? The mod takes care of this by placing a parachute on Super-Trevor’s back, thus allowing him to soar all over Los Santos.

It’s pretty interesting to see what fans will come up with next for GTA V mods. Of course, the Breaking Bad tribute video might be a bit hard to top.

(Via: CinemaBlend,Youtube)