25 Beautiful Paintings From Ralph McQuarrie

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03.07.12 3 Comments

You may have heard that Ralph McQuarrie died recently. What you may not know is how influential his work was to “Star Wars”, “Battlestar Galactica” and beyond.
McQuarrie started out as a technical draftsman and advertising illustrator, notable for his clean, sharp lines and style. Lucas saw his work for another film project and hired him to do conceptual art for “Star Wars”…a movie McQuarrie liked, but thought would never get made.
Instead it made him a rich man and famous among Star Wars fans. Having once met him personally, he was always very kind and happy to talk about his work. He will be deeply missed.
On the next slides, take a look at some of his work that defined your childhood.
All images courtesy the Ralph McQuarrie estate.

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