‘300’ Gets The Honest Trailers Treatment Just In Time For The Unnecessary Sequel

02.26.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

gammasquad300Sadly Xerxes will have to give some other diaper wearing dude shoulder rubs in the new 300. 

Hey, did you know there’s another 300 movie coming out in a little over a week? I believe it’s called 300: Something Something of a Something. Oooo, hopefully the first movie’s most memorable character, the kicking pit, makes a return! And somebody yells THIS IS SPARTA again!

Anyways, it’s not exactly a new movie, but if any flick ever deserved the Honest Trailers treatment it’s 300

I completely forgot Michael Fassbender was in this movie (although, come on, of course he was). Also, I totally missed that double flute playing scene — shameless.

via Tastefully Offensive

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