A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: Spider-man and Friends (Week 2)

12.30.11 6 years ago

It’s time for Gamma Squad’s Friday cosplay feature, spotlighting the best comic book related costuming from the cosplay community.  We’re again casting the spotlight onto those cosplayers who we think deserve special recognition for coming up with the best costumes, whatever the budget, and the photographers who capture them for posterity.

This week, we’re continuing with our special Spider-man theme, showing the very best from your friendly neighborhood cosplayers from across the web, submitted to our Flickr group or by our friends at The Superhero Costuming Forum.

So, without further ado, let’s continue with this week’s selection.


Spider-man cosplay by Aldar Adame. Source: Flickr

A classic take on Spider-man in this cosplay, showing a costume can be made even better by fully embracing the character’s body language.

Mysterio by LordJoker88. Source: Deviantart

An enduring Spider-man villain’s brought vividly to life in this cosplay, incorporating some impressive elements into their recreation of the costume.


Miles Morales cosplay at Comikaze 2011. Photo by KamiDigitalMedia. Source: Flickr

It’s always impressive how quickly cosplayers can react to comic events and produce new costumes. And this take on the new Ultimate Spider-man is no exception.


Silver Sable Cosplay by Miracole Burns. Photo by Eurobeat King. Source: ACParadise.com

Yet another winner of a costume from Miracole, cosplaying one of Spider-man’s memorable supporting characters


Spider Sense Peter Parker by emanbunnykid. Source: Deviantart

Acres of spandex aren’t always required when cosplaying and here’s a fun and inventive twist on creating a costume out of street clothes, but still being instantly recognizable.


Hobgoblin cosplay at Dragon*Con 2008. Photo by Cayusa. Source: Flickr

Fantastic cosplay of one of Spider-man’s enduring villains, showing that you don’t need the Power Rangers redesign to be a threatening looking goblin-themed villain.


Spider-man, Spider-woman and Black Cat cosplay. Submitted to our Flickr group by Anarchris

A triple dose of cool comics cosplay with this awesome trio, welcome contributors to our special theme week.


Carnage cosplay at Megacon 2011 by BatmanBeyond2008. Photo by BASknight. Source: Flickr

A cracking Carnage cosplay, which takes a comic costume that would seem impossible to reproduce in real life and does wonders.



Firestar by KikiD22. Photo by: The Enthusiasts. Submitted to our Flickr group.

One of Spider-man’s Amazing Friends gets a fantastic cosplay treatment in this contribution. Huge 80s hair not included.


Scarlet Spider Cosplay at C2E2 2011 via Marvel Entertainment. Source: Flickr

Some people might prefer to forget the 90s Clone Saga, but not this cosplayer, who hits a high note with this Ben Reilly costume.


J. Jonah Jameson cosplay by aaronhall of The Superhero Costuming Forum

Finishing up our theme with one of Spider-man’s most memorable characters, perfectly cosplayed and proving a big budget isn’t always required.

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