Apparently Teenage Judgement is No Better in China — Chinese Teen Sells his Kidney for an iPad

04.09.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

Hoping for some shiny new Apple gear? Well, just be glad you’re not a teenager in China — Apple products may cost a figurative arm and a leg, but you won’t actually have to give up any body parts to get one. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Wang, a 17-year-old from China who sold one of his kidneys to get his hands on an iPad and iPhone.

Give Wang some credit — at least he sold one the organs he had doubles of. That’s about all you can give him credit for though. Wang’s kidney sold for around $35,000, but he only got around $3,500 — the rest went into the pockets of the five men who conspired with him to sell the kidney. Wang then blew the whole plot when his mom asked him how he managed to buy an iPad and he just straight up told her he bought it with kidney money. Whoops. Moriarty this kid is not.

Seems like it’s time to update the old “Eat your vegetables! There’s starving kids in China who would love your carrots!” chestnut for the 21st century. I can see “No, you can’t have a new phone! There’s kids in China who would sell their organs your iPhone!” becoming a new parental standby.

via Gawker

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