Aw Nuts, The Video Game Burning Is Off

01.14.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Oh, well great — now what am I going to do with my copies of 007 Legends and NeverDead? So, as we reported a while back, folks in Southington, Connecticut were planning on having a good old fashioned video game burning, because sometimes the world’s a scary, terrible place, so LET’S BURN SOMETHING.

The specific plan was to hand out $25 gift certificates to people who traded in any sort of “violent media” and then burn that media, possible while hooting and doing a little jig. Meanwhile all the kids would be at the mall buying new violent media with their gift certificates.

Well, turns out the burning isn’t actually going to happen, because, uhhhh, reasons? Or something? Organizers say they don’t need to have a burning, because all the pre-burning media coverage already got their message out. What was that message? Violent media is bad? Breathing molten plastic fumes is good? People from Southington, Connecticut are dumb? Not sure…

via Geekosystem

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