This Guy Created His Own Working Batman-Style Grappling Hook, And It’s A Wonderful Toy

Batman loves his Bathooks, or Batclaws, or whatever they’re called (grappling hooks for those who don’t need “bat” to describe every Batpiece of Batgear Batman has in his Batcollection). Batman even has grappling hooks on the Batmobile. Dude loves grappling hooks. Bruce Wayne probably goes to bed, has a nightmare about his parents getting killed, wakes up in a cold sweat, then goes back to bed, hoping that his slumber will lead him to a whimsical land full of hooks with which he can grapple.

For years I’ve yearned for a working bathook that could whisk me away from any given unwanted situation. We’re not even talking self defense here, just awkward moments and any interaction with my family that starts with “when” and ends with, “are you having babies?”

Thankfully, WayneTech is not needed for this innovative escape technology, because Hacksmith created the Bathook in his workshop to near perfection. It’s quite impressive.

Of course, Hacksmith’s version of Batman’s grappling hook isn’t as elegant as the WayneTech model, but it still kind of does the trick. With this, you won’t be rappelling away from in-laws or being hurled into the night sky, but you can kinda hang around and growl at people, and that’s really all that matters.

*Note: At the 38-second mark the Hacksmith sings the old school Spiderman theme song while pretending to be Batman and that’s hard for me to handle.

(via Mashable)