Trailer And Info For EA’s New Cops ‘N’ Robbers Take On ‘Battlefield’ Have Leaked

05.28.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


Last night information regarding EA’s latest Battlefield game began to filter out ahead of schedule and this morning a full seven-minute trailer leaked. The new game, entitled Battlefield: Hardline, drops the series’ traditional military setting for a cops and robbers set-up. That said, don’t expect Battlefield: Hardline to be that different than past games in the series, as the game’s cops aren’t afraid to turn downtown Miami into another Fallujah.

The game’s single-player mode is, for the first time, being created by Visceral (the guys behind Dead Space) and will be structured like a TV show, with the campaign being divided up into “episodes” complete with cliff-hangers and teasers.

The trailer is below (note, this trailer was probably meant for internal EA use, so the game is referred to by it’s codename “Omaha”). Catch it before EA gets it taken down!

Man, I don’t know about this. Apparently EA thinks turning America into a crime-fuelled warzone is just all in good fun, but I wonder if the public will agree? That trailer’s multiple scenes of rocket-fire raining down on American streets made me uncomfortable and I’m a dirty Canadian. Hmmmm.

via Kotaku

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