Let’s Celebrate Our Independence With Awesome ‘Captain America’ Cosplay

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07.03.13 3 Comments
Captain America cosplay with USO girls cosplay

Captain America and USO girls photographed by mchulin. Submitted to our Flickr group.

Yesterday we kicked off our Independence Day celebration with Captain America GIFs. Today we continue the celebration with two galleries of Captain America cosplay.

To start, we have over 30 pictures of Captains America, Bucky Barneses, American Dreams, USO girls, and more. If seeing a picture of Captain America punching Hitler in the face isn’t enough to rouse your patriotism, peruse the 30+ pictures of American pride below, and we’ll have one more gallery later today. (UPDATE: Part two available here.) These colors don’t run, Hoss.

Captain America cosplay



The 1st Captain America cosplayed by THESMOKE007. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.


Photographed by Doug Kline.


Captains America photographed by mchulin. Submitted via the Gamma Squad Flickr Group.


“A” doesn’t stand for France by Riddle1, Chris Fields, and Liz Rowland. Image courtesy Marvel. [via]


Bucky Barnes photographed by istolethetv.


Rescue Captain America cosplayed by On A Wing And A Swear‘s dad.


Cosplayed by SilverKhaleesi, photographed by Yosh The Fishhead.


[via / via]

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