‘Pokémon Go’ Tops The Charts, And These Twitter Jokes Help Explain Why

On Wednesday, Pokémon Go became Nintendo’s first mobile Pokémon game in the U.S., and people have already lost their damn minds. No church or police station was left unoccupied; some guy caught a Pidgey while his wife gave birth; shares of Nintendo stock just jumped ten percent. Madness. The game is already at the top of Apple’s charts right now. Granted, it’s free to download (with in-app purchases), but it’s also currently number one in Apple’s list of Top Grossing apps, thanks to those in-app purchases. People are obsessed with this game.

Twitter has been busy making jokes and observations about the game (many of them coming from Australia and New Zealand, where the game launched early). Some were quick to grouse about Australia and New Zealand getting the game first:

Others were too busy being enthusiast to care about geography:

Plenty of jokes were made about the servers being overloaded:

And jokes about the pokemonsters popping up in unexpected places:

Oddish seems especially fun:

But things sometimes get too dangerous:


Other times, the game itself serves up sick owns:

And sometimes, you don’t want to catch ’em all.

But some players seem a bit confused:

And others have taken it way too far:

But we can still look at the bigger picture:

We can all still agree that Popplio is nobody’s favorite, though, right?