Bungie Finally Reveals Some Of ‘Destiny’

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02.18.13 20 Comments

Bungie finally rolled out some information about what their next game, Destiny, is all about. Basically, they’re making it sound like what happens when you smash Halo, Skyrim, and World of Warcraft together.

Here’s the video, which gets into the overall plot and likely blows the plot twist at the end of the game:

Apparently that will take an in-game timeframe of ten years.

Destiny, headed to PS3 and Xbox 360, is a first-person shooter in terms of gameplay. But it has a lot of RPG elements to it, in the sense that you’re constantly upgrading your weapons and gear, and also in the sense that you can go it alone, or you can organically put together a party for raids. Honestly, that part sounds pretty cool:

Destiny’s multiplayer modes, both competitive and cooperative, are designed to be seamlessly merged with its single-player experience. Players will come together and adventure together naturally, Bungie promises, without visible matchmaking. They’ll pair up in the City’s Overwatch district, form bonds, visit distant worlds. At times, they’ll cross paths with strangers, their separate adventures overlapping to become one.

In other words, as you play through, you can voluntarily become a party NPC with better AI. Bungie also claims there will be “time-sensitive” and “emergent” activities, which is code for “We’re going to pull random stuff on you.”

It’s still a FPS, in terms of gameplay, and Bungie hasn’t bothered to roll out any gameplay footage yet beyond alpha of some people running around with guns not actually shooting anything. But it certainly sounds ambitious and, most importantly, expansive. Way too many games stop at around ten hours, but Bungie wants to have you playing it for 100 hours or more, and have it be fun even if you’re tired or only have an hour to screw around in the game.

Considering this is the first stirrings of the hype machine, we’re guessing this arrives later this year, and we’ll be curious to see it.

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