‘Burying The Ex,’ Joe Dante’s Latest, Needs Your Help

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12.05.13 6 Comments


It’s a little depressing that the guy who made Gremlins, and who can actually cast real actors in his movies still, needs crowdfunding help. But so it is with Burying The Ex, which is currently looking to fans for cash.

The movie itself has a great concept, though; the ex that, quite literally, won’t go away. Anton Yelchin plays a shmoe who, after his domineering girlfriend dies, meets a woman running a punk-rock ice cream shop. One minor problem; his ex is actually undead, and she doesn’t want to break up. As in, she’ll make her boyfriend into a zombie if she has to. So essentially, My Boyfriend’s Back except it might actually be good.

The good news is that the movie seems to be filmed, or at least is in the process of getting it made. According to the crowdfunding page, the $200,000 they want is for post and distribution:

Filming is currently under way and looking spectacular, but we need your contributions to help edit the film, add breathtaking visual effects, and get this film in theaters so you can see it on the big screen. Check out the epic list of rewards we are offering, and remember, the more your contribute the better the reward.

And here, of course, is the obligatory pitch video:

Annoyingly, in order to get the movie you’re helping to pay for, you’ll have to shell out for one of the higher tiers. But there are some interesting rewards, and also, it’s Joe Dante making a zombie movie. That’s kind of hard to turn down, just on its own.

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