But Will There Be Three-Boobed Hookers? Alien-Themed Brothel Coming To Nevada

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12.27.11 5 Comments

Dennis Hof is the owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch featured on HBO’s Cathouse reality series and the owner of four other brothels as well. His five brothel licenses make him the most brothel-owningest individual in Nevada, and he’s looking to break another record. He bought a broken down bordello 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas which he plans to fix up and reopen as the first legally-operating brothel in the U.S. with a sci-fi theme.

He is calling it Alien Cathouse and promising “girls from another world.” Hof has turned to an old friend to plan the costumes and decor: Hollywood Madam turned Pahrump resident Heidi Fleiss. “She’s the chief alien design queen,” he said. [LVRJ via io9]

He also bought the gas station, bar, and convenience store at the location and is renaming it all the Area 51 Alien Travel Center. It’s nowhere near Area 51, but it is near the Nevada Test Site, and radiation poisoning’s totally the same as rumored alien landings, right?

Hof’s alien theme is already well past the probing stage, [Ed.- We see what you did there] but important details — whether the working women will be painted green, for example — are still being decided. When Hof talks about the idea, it comes out sounding like a series of bumper-sticker slogans: “Sex from another planet” and “Alien Cathouse girls do it different,” to name a few. He did confirm one thing: There will be alien costumes made for employees at the travel center and the women in the brothel. It’s unclear whether the costumes will be for everyday use or for promotional events and special occasions.

Special occasions you say? I bet it’ll get wild around pon farr.

Seriously though, there’s no way this isn’t going to be a patronizing, melancholy affair full of not-to-canon costumes worn by uncomfortable women with c-section scars and childhoods full of dysfunction. Everybody involved needs more Zod in their life.

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