Captain America Gets Defenestrated (And More From The Avengers’ Set)

08.19.11 7 years ago 2 Comments
We’re kicking off day four of our obsessive The Avengers watch with videos of Chris Evans’s’s’s stunt double getting thrown out of a window and slamming into the hood of a car (which looks like it hurt like hell in the first video here). We have a couple videos of that after the jump, although the video here is the best and yet doesn’t embed because we can’t have nice things.

Also below are some pictures of what appears to be — spoiler alert — a small alien spaceship, and one of the guys in a motion-capture suit who was fighting with Cap in the video from Wednesday is laying next to the ship. I guess it’s time for me to concede that my grandfather was right all along. Aliens are lazy.

[All pictures and videos via Cleveland and ComicBookMovie.]

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