New 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' Clip Already Has A F*CK YEAH Parody

Of course Marvel would release another clip from Captain America: The Winter Soldier right after we did a roundup of new clips and pictures. The newest video shows Steve Rogers doing his best impersonation of the Kool-Aid Man while tracking The Winter Soldier through an office building. But more importantly, there’s already a parody made from this clip, ready in record time.

Here’s the legitimate clip. He’s the juggernaut, b*tch!

This clip already has a parody by RobExists, in which the clip is set to the NSFW “America, F*CK YEAH” song from Team America: World Police. It’s the second Team America mashup of The Winter Soldier we’ve posted (first one here), and the first Captain America movie had not one but two of these mashups as well. We have simple needs. Superhero movies and “F*CK YEAH” audio dubs thereof.

America . . . F*CK YEAH!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens on April 4th.

Via Screencrush and The High Definite