Florida Couple Arrested For Stealing A Copy Of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ From A Mentally Disabled Man

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09.20.13 15 Comments
We found a crime even Trevor wouldn't do.

We found a crime even Trevor wouldn’t do.

Grand Theft Auto V, being highly anticipated, has inspired some degree of stupid crimes. But none of them are quite as stupid, or mean-spirited, as this.

Rohan Dawkins, a twenty-one year old mentally disabled man, had been saving out of his paycheck for six months to buy Grand Theft Auto V, specifically the high-end $150 version of the game. Unfortunately, he was unable to control where he lived, and this being Florida, things got stupid, pronto.

Adele Francis Jones, 26, and Tommy Leon Davis, 27, were arrested today by Delray Beach Police after they allegedly tried to re-sell the game at a GameStop in the Boynton Beach Mall. The pair is accused of strong-armed robbery and dealing in stolen property and were booked into the Palm Beach County Jail. A detective said a third man might be involved.

First of all, why this master heist needed two people, let alone three, is something that will hopefully remain lost to the mists of the ages. Rohan may be mentally disabled but he’s probably a lot smarter than the people who robbed him, the poor guy.

Secondly, how crappy are you as a person to beat up a mentally disabled guy? What, were there no puppies to kick? The kitten-stomping jamboree was closed? There were no small children to abuse? By the way, they already had the game and could have driven off. Somebody actually got out of the car and beat up Rohan.

Thirdly, how badly off are you that you need the money GameStop will throw at you for a gently used copy of the game? For tires? That’s literally what they were going to use the money for, getting new tires for the car they used. To beat up a mentally disabled guy and take his video game.

Probably the salt in the wound is that they did sell the game to some dude, so Dawkins is out his $150 collector’s edition. The Internet being what it is, he’ll probably get his game, but even so, we feel for the poor guy. Maybe, to teach his attackers a lesson, they can be ordered to try and stop Florida’s herpes-infected monkey invasion.

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