‘Daredevil’ Finds A Love Interest With Rosario Dawson

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06.20.14 18 Comments

Dimension FIlms

Well, today didn’t start well for Rosario Dawson. But she’s making up for it: She’ll be one of the main characters in Marvel’s upcoming Daredevil TV series.

Annoyingly, Marvel is sitting on the name of the character she’ll actually play, but she’ll be playing a “dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell’s Kitchen” brings her in contact with a blind guy who hits people with his cane, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Oh, and she’ll probably sleep with him after the bulk of the episodes build up sexual tension, just guessing here.

So now we play the “which character is it?” game. One character this probably isn’t is Elektra; we’re assuming they’re not going to try and pass Dawson off as a ninja assassin, even if she’s got the chops to pull it off. Hey, she credibly made herself seem interested in some Kevin Smith analogue in Clerks II; that practically deserves the Nobel Prize for acting. They make those, right?

Anyway, it’s not Black Widow, we know that. Karen Page seems the obvious choice, provided we skip past the insane parts like her time as Ghost Rider’s sidekick and working as an actress in Hollywood. But we’re sure Marvel will tell us more as the series gets closer. Just hopefully they skip past her being killed by Mysterio, because, again, she’s had enough indignity visited on her by Kevin Smith.

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