Demand For Nintendo’s New Amiibo Figurines Has Crashed Gamestop’s Website And Registers

Apparently the world has gone Amiibo crazy. For those types who think they’re too grown-up to play with toys, Amiibo are little Nintendo-themed figurines with near field communication tech built in. Touch your Amiibo to your GamePad or 3DS and it will unlock little extras in compatible games. It’s like Skylanders if Skylanders actually had characters people cared about.

Anyways, Nintendo has been particularly devious about manipulating supply and demand with Amiibo. Many of the figurines come in very limited quantities and/or only from specific retail outlets. Yesterday Nintendo announced a new wave of Amiibos and cult-favorite character Ness from the Earthbound series was a Gamestop exclusive. That’s when thing got ugly.

So many Amiibo fanatics rushed trying to grab their Ness, they crashed the site.

It got even crazier than that. Apparently Gamestop’s entire pre-order and register systems crashed too, so you can’t even buy your Amiibos (or anything) at physical Gamestop locations.

Welp, I guess it’s time for Nintendo to come full-circle and become a full-time toy maker again.

via Kotaku