Dreams Do Come True: Rob Liefeld Could Illustrate Your Words

02.25.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Earlier today I posted a story about a guy stealing video games from hospitalized children and now I feel as though I ought to post something to balance that story’s awfulness. Something fantastic! Exciting! Life affirming! I think I’ve found just the thing…

You could have a story you’ve written illustrated by the one-and-only Rob Liefeld! Yup, just write a five-to-six page story and send it off to Mr. Liefeld and if he likes it enough, he’ll draw it and include it in an upcoming issue of Youngblood or Bloodstrike.

Hit the jump for instructions and a link to the submission form…

“Step 1 – Write a short story featuring one of my EXTREME CHARACTERS. the story MUST BE EXTREME CHARACTERS ONLY.  You are submitting a brief few paragraph’s pitching your idea for a short 5-6 page story.

Step 2 – HIT THE BUTTON. Here on this web site, to the right is a button that says CONTACT ME! This will send your story to my attention.

Step 3 – Wait to be contacted. I will choose 3 winners, 1 every few weeks starting March 6th, 2013. If your pitch is chosen you will be given a work for hire agreement to sign in order to participate.”

What? Only EXTREME CHARACTERS? No Marvel stuff? Ugh. [Crumples my Forearm mini-epic].

Here’s the submission form. If any of you folks manage to write a winning story, make sure to inform me so I can be so, so proud of you.

via ComicsAlliance

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