UPROXX Gets An Exclusive Look At MAD Magazine’s Cover For ‘Flash’ #19

The Scarlet Speedster is put into the gentle, loving hands of the Usual Gang of Idiots in this exclusive cover reveal. Plus, a brief history of MAD Magazine versus DC Comics: Guess who wins.

First up, here’s what Alfred E. Neuman thinks the Flash does. It’s probably not a surprise:

The artist, Sam Viviano, is probably familiar to MAD fans. Viviano has been part of the Usual Gang of Idiots since 1980, following in the footsteps of legendary advertising illustrator and MAD cover painter Norman Mingo. Viviano also serves as MAD’s art director.

This is a long way of saying that a prominent, respected, talented artist painted a comic book cover featuring a gag about indecent exposure.

Of course, this is far from the first time the MAD team has gone up against DC, and DC’s come out the loser every single time. This April, in fact, there will be a whole bunch of MAD Magazine alternate covers, like Alfred running into Supergirl (literally, of course), and Wonder Woman teaming up with the Gray Spy. Here, have a few covers…