Exclusive: Watch Riker Chase The Ensigns In This Gag Reel For ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

[protected-iframe id=”581d00c1db974a2b17ec2d2da73418ca-60970621-67584318″ info=”//players.brightcove.net/4262107416001/16e67c0a-eaf8-4887-9071-948c4558dd8a_default/index.html?videoId=4415120239001″ style=”width: 650px; height: 366px;” webkitallowfullscreen=”” mozallowfullscreen=”” allowfullscreen=”” width=”650″ height=”366″]

Star Trek has given us many wonderful things. Hope for the future. A dream of space travel. And, of course, a lot of actors goofing off, as this gag reel shows us.

Included on the upcoming seventh season Blu-ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the gag reel is some of season seven’s greatest misses, including Jean-Luc busting out the profanity, Geordi being mildly embarrassed on camera, and Riker doing what we always knew he did once the camera was out of range:

It’s all part of the season seven release, coming out December 2nd. In the meantime, try avoid Riker, ensigns.