There May Be A ‘Final Fantasy XII’ Remake On The Way For PS4

Final Fantasy XII is one of the long running series’ games that stands out as one that people quietly call the best. There’s always talk of six, the commercial success of seven, and the throwback nature of nine, but twelve always seems to get praise that’s lacking from the other later releases. Maybe that’s why there’s not talk of a remake on the way for the now classic PS2 RPG.

According to Destructoid and many other outlets, composer Arnie Roth sorta spilled the beans at the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh (which you can see in the clip below). As they note over at Destructoid, this may very well turn out to be an HD remaster as opposed to a full on remake in the vein of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. But if it is indeed a full on remake, you’d have to give Square some credit for keeping it quiet for so long. That’s impressive.

And as you can tell in this clip, some folks took the idea of a remake as quite the bit of excitement.

(Via Destructoid)