Frankie Muniz Is A Pizza Man, Also A Superhero, Also An Actor

10.10.11 6 years ago

They say that smoking crystal meth can keep a person awake for days. Well, unexplainably, it can probably also motivate someone to write a film about a pizza guy who is a superhero. At the very least, I hope this was the case for the writers of Frankie Muniz’s latest project Pizza Man; a film about the aforementioned concept of a super hero pizza boy. Lord forbid anyone ever tries to adapt a live-action version of the Domino’s Noid character (something I would thoroughly enjoy) and yet a story about Frank Muniz delivering super pies is completely acceptable? What’s more is that the video link (after the jump) seems to have originated from an O-Town fan-site. What’s that, you say, you don’t remember who O-Town was? They wrote sang a sexy song called Liquid Dreams, dips**t. Learn your American history.

Pizza Man, for reasons that only God and Satan understand, also features cameos from the likes of Adam West, Marvel’s own Stan Lee, Corbin Bernsen, Rowdy Roddy Piper and even Diamond Dallas Page. If that last sentence did not give you a boner, I think you should slug yourself in your own stomach, just to make sure that you’re still alive. Look, I have no idea whose barbeque everyone was getting hammered at, when they all agreed to be in this flick, but damn do I wish I was there.

Trailer after the jump:

[via ComicsAlliance]

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