We’ve Got Wood: The Edgar Wright Art Show Is Now Online

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08.22.13 5 Comments

Shaun of the Dead fan art at The Official Edgar Wright Art Show at Gallery 1988

Mike Mitchell‘s “Red On You” and “I Got Wood” Set

We keep tabs on the fun pop culture art of Gallery 1988, and this week Simon Pegg (who is totally Batman), Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright attended the opening of Gallery 1988’s newest exhibition. The Official Edgar Wright Art Show opened on Tuesday, and the amusing art pieces are now online for viewing and buying.

The art show includes works inspired by Edgar Wright’s Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and The World’s End, which is in theaters tomorrow. We’ve collected 25 of our favorites among the over 130 works in the show, including a “Get to The Winchester” board game we’d totally play. The large selection of Edgar Wright tribute art will be on display at Gallery 1988 West until September 7th, and the links below each picture go to the online store. Thanks to The Surly Badger for the assist.


Nick Stokes’ “Get to The Winchester” Board Game, purchased by Edgar Wright himself, who tells Buzzfeed, “I think it’s something to put out on the coffee table and just have out forever. I think it’s so beautiful.”


Aaron Jasinski’s “Triplecorn


Justin White’s “You’re My Best Friend

Spaced fan art at The Official Edgar Wright Art Show at Gallery 1988

Sam Gilbey’s “Defending the Fantasy Genre with Terminal Intensity” inspired by Spaced

Shaun of the Dead fan art at The Official Edgar Wright Art Show at Gallery 1988

Cuyler Smith’s “Ed and Shaun” Set

Hot Fuzz fan art at The Official Edgar Wright Art Show at Gallery 1988

Aled Lewis’ “The Greater Good” inspired by Hot Fuzz


Ashton Gallagher’s “The Pickle

Scott Pilgrim vs The World fan art at The Official Edgar Wright Art Show at Gallery 1988

Cuyler Smith’s “Knives, Scott, and Ramona” Set inspired by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


Jim Ferguson’s “Hot Fuzz – Maybe it was the Swan


Jim Ferguson’s “Shaun Of The Dead – White Lines


Jim Ferguson’s “The World’s End – 12 Pubs 12 Pints


Barry Blankenship’s “My Threshold” inspired by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Augie Pagan’s “Yeti’s Revenge” inspired by Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Joey Spiotto’s “Hot Fuzz


Joey Spiotto’s “Shaun Of The Dead


Joey Spiotto’s “The World’s End


Rich Pellegrino’s “Second Coming Of Shaun


Mister Hope’s “Shaun Of The Dead


Ashton Gallagher’s “Showdown in Model Town – the Good, the Bad and the Monkey… did he mean me or the Monkey?


Beau Berkley’s “Simon’s Quest


Alex Pardee’s “The Wright Stuff


Anthony Petrie’s “You’ve Got Red On You


Barry Blankenship’s “Ooo You Make Me Live Now Honey


Matthew Brazier “Edgar

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