Gina Carano Is Rob Liefeld’s ‘Avengelyne’ At Comic-Con

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07.19.13 11 Comments

Gina Carano

MMA fighter-cum-actress Gina Carano will be at Comic-Con on Saturday to sign posters featuring Carano as the titular character in an Avengelyne movie adaptation. You may be asking, what Avengelyne movie? The one Rob Liefeld and Gina Carano have just announced they’re developing, although no writer or director is involved yet. You may have also been asking why I shoehorned cum-actress and titular into an opening sentence but let’s move on.

First published in 1995 by Liefeld — who co-created X-Force, Cable and Deadpool for Marvel before leaving with several other artists to form Image Comics during the early 1990s — Avengelyne and its subsequent miniseries told of a fallen angel cast to Earth. Her mission is to find and protect “The One,” a person who holds the key to saving mankind from demons and other monsters. [THR]

THR also says they’ll start looking for a writer or writer-director next week, and they’re intending the project to be similar to Underworld. We’re not sure if that means they want it to be overserious yet cheesy or if they’re going to have Gina Carano crawl through an air duct in a black leather catsuit. Let’s just be thankful Liefeld isn’t drawing it.

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