Google To Bring Out AR Glasses, Make Us All Look Dumb

Look, we’re all for augmented reality and overlays: we all want a HUD, even if instead of ammo capacity and shields, it’s telling us to buy milk and that we have a text message.

But we don’t want it in glasses. We want it installed in our eyeballs, directly, so somebody can hack it and run an ad for chopsticks in Hindustani 24/7 in the lower left corner of our vision, and other charming achievements. We don’t want a processor rammed into some chunky glasses.

Still, apparently that’s exactly what Google’s giving us at year end. Realistically, though, Google sees this as an “experiment”, not an attempt to actually get people to wear these things. They just want to experiment with wearable computing, and need to roll out a test product.

So basically Google wants us to pay to be guinea pigs. Uh, didn’t all the novels predicting wearable computing think this was a bad thing?

[ via the New York Times ]

image courtesy Pargon on Flickr