This Mad Genius Built His Own ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber And It Runs On Alcohol

From the genius who built a Thor’s hammer that only he could lift, comes a real-life lightsaber, blue light and all, that’s essentially a flamethrower that runs on–you guessed it–alcohol.

The video above introduces Allen Pan lighting a cigarette using the lightsaber, so you just know that this contraption is not only badass, but extremely dangerous. The rest of the video shows one guy burning another guy who’s wearing a heavy coat with the lightsaber, while he drinks a beer (don’t worry, the flames eventually go out). For some reason, the beer drinking is essential.

Pan sort of explains in the beginning why you should have some alcohol on your face if the lightsaber is being used on you. “You’ll probably get some spray on you, because there’s unburnt fuel at the end of the blade. Drink some ethanol–drink some alcohol, if you’re concerned, because the formaldehyde… As long as we got the beer and the fire extinguisher, nothing bad can happen.” Okay, then.

Pan posted another video explaining how he made the lightsaber, which you can watch below. He used methanol, acetone and butane to create that pretty flame, and also added sound effects so that his lightsaber makes that same buzzing sound that the ones if the movies do. Pretty terrifying, but also pretty cool.

(via Unilad)